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HybridAudio Sound Group is an audio company that provides professional audio systems. 


Why the name HybridAudio? Hybrid is an amalgamation of two elements and in this case, ANALOG and DIGITAL. Analog systems and equipment always sound good and is still a part of our lives. However, analog audio systems can sometimes be very bulky and takes a while to setup to achieve excellent quality. Digital systems are the opposite, very easy to use, saves a lot of space, but sometimes may sound "plastic" and not at all natural.

HybridAudio looks for the best hybrid solutions. From handpicking the products we use, to pricing & costings, we look to strike the balance between one and the other.


We supply the ease and effectiveness of the DIGITAL world, while maintaining the warm and natural sound of an ANALOG system  — the best of both worlds.

As the entertainment industry develops rapidly in Fiji, the awareness and demand for quality systems is growing. HybridAudio will meet this demand. Providing intelligible and musical systems, quick and efficient setups, HybridAudio will enhance any and every occasion to the best of its ability. 

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